Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Under the sea!

Okay, so it's been way too long! I finally have a little sneak peek of my latest little project to share! This is one of three 6x6 canvases, all with a coral reef theme.

Hopefully my version of coral doesn't look too much like a tree! I do like the color combo, and what's even better is...that the initials will spell out a-r-t!

I hope everyone is having a great week...and I'll have more updates soon! Oh, and don't forget to check out my Etsy Shop! I try to add new stuff as much as I can!


bopbopdesigns said...

I love the color combo!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think tree at all. It looks like coral. Very Cute!

Tanielle said...

Oh how I love your talent!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!!